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  1. are you just leaving the DLC's out of it? what about the Black Dragon Aquilonian suit? in the flawless form it has 2 slots of heat protection. i find it's the best heavy armor the game has to offer

  2. i spent 15 minutes mathing the crap out of this and the long and short of it is that vit or strength builds are both viable… but strength build with vit armor actually affords more flexibility than most others in terms of hits taken and given… also if your opponent has high armor pen, all bets are off either way. BUT vit armor does have a purpose and i will not have you slander it's good name!!!!

    Literally when you work the numbers with a high end weapon it washes out the same… only difference that really matters is the armor pen on the weapon.

  3. Think you could do an armor showcase with different armor in the game? Like showing them off like you have like now but instead of looking at stats look at the aesthetics.

  4. I have a somewhat different take on things. I always go enough agility for the 1st perk just for the sprint stamina reduction, especially when PvP as sometimes just have to be able to run out of a fight. When I am farming things like animal hides. I always go enough vitality for the third perk just so I don't have to constantly waste food or potions for heals. You also want a decent pool of vitality for PvP especially in medium armor so you are not so easily 1 or 2 shotted to death. PvP I always make sure I have at least enough encumbrance for the 2nd perk so if you are crippled it is diminished. Also what about grit? You NEED it. Not enough into grit for PvP and you are just flat out dead.

  5. you need an update the new best hot heavy armor is the pictish war cheif it's a 2 against heat if you use the ymir ax and the warcheif armor you can run the volcano and be cold lol

  6. I really enjoy light armor so it could be nice to see one with light armor at some point because light armor is good if you get the flawless one ;D

  7. So many things wrong with this video. Strength isn't more important than Vitality. It heavily depends on your build. The Vit perks can be overpowered as hell in PvP, and heal from nothing, to full health in an extremely short period of time.

    Accuracy is important on certain builds taht don't use bows. That armor penetration applies to all weapons, which can allow you to destroy certain people.

    Light Armor is considered the buest in PvP for many reasons. Spear jumpers being one of them. Less stamina use. Anyone you cannot beat, you can run away from, and they won't catch you because your stamina lasts longer.

    Encumbrance is likely something you will NEVER have on your armor. It isn't great in PvP, and so while you will have some encumbrance, it isn't likly to ever be your highest stat. Armor will likely always have the stat that is your highest, so you lose less points.

  8. light armor not viable in pvp? u should stick to pve videos and should not tell ppl completely wrong stuff under the tag "pro tips"…..

    SPOILER!!!: light armor and 2h spear is the actual meta and actualy NOTHING is better if you can play this well and got some hands. you outrange everything, dodge everything and still 2-3hit ppl with a fast high ranged atack motion that works well together with ur mobility. you CAN win in other setups, but this is just the best and every pvp player will confirm this.
    your filtering for stats should be a bit more deeper. you should wear your highest stat as bonus, because boosting the highest stat will save the most points and will give u more stats overall.
    why running encumbrance. there are stats that higher and will let u save more points. 10 encumbrance is fine for pvp. when ur at 25 vit and 5 encumbrance, u wont push the lower stat because thats just stupid.
    i dont think that you play much pvp in this game at all. this is not a flame but you should not make videos about it and showing noobs the way into the wrong direction by this.
    i know, you wanna do something good when u make this videos and i like your videos but this one is terrible and filled with wrong "pro" knowlege.

  9. The hot cold to me is only viable for farming volcano or frozen north materials, 30 vitality and 40 strength to me is a good combo in fighting bosses, so vitality is only good if get 30 for health regen.. I wear the medium standard set the most I think, just to carry more items.

  10. I like light armor the best. I never wear heavy armor in any game I play because I don't like being encumbered. When I go out questing, I'm always bound to pick up A LOT of valuable resources. I don't mean stone and wood, but ingredients for other valuable craft-able items, special weapons, and other things. Light armor also means I use less stamina while running, so if I feel like ignoring all those hyenas and gators, it's a lot easier to do so. And most importantly, the best armor in every game is not getting hit. So it doesn't make sense to me to hide behind a thick and heaving padding of steal when I can just not be standing there when my enemy's sword comes swinging down.
    All the same, thanks for making a light armor video.

  11. I know the Hyperborean slaver armor looks too skimpy to offer cold protection but in the Conan stories Robert E. Howard borrowed strongly from mythologies and historical documents from ancient times to construct his universe. Hyperborea was a still unidentified people from aincent historical documents and poems. It literally means from beyond the north wind. The Greeks and Romans referenced a people as the Hyperborians as being a tribe of people descendent of snow giants that lived beyond the home of Boreas (god of the North wind). No one can agree wether the people were real or where they actually lived to this day. It is a bit like Atlantis. I just thought it was interesting and might help explain the cold resistance being on the armor set. It seems they were sticking to lore on this one.

  12. Saying light armor isn't valid. Ridiculous. How about the fact you use less stamina when climbing and running? That alone is enough to make it worth it both PvP and super important in PvE.

  13. Hey, i might be a bit late to the party, but isnt vitality better then strength? Strength gives you around 2% dmg per point (2.5% with heavy attacks if the level 40 perk is multiplicative). Whilst Vitality gives 8HP per point, which means 4%. Basically you can double your damage with with 50 points in STR, but you triple your HP with 50 points in VIT. Not to mention that healing potions are %-based of your max hp.

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