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  1. I went all over Vegas two days straight 8 hours a day I even went to California looking for that hose that will come off a mr. Heater Buddy and go on to the propane tank absolutely nobody carried it the manufacturer of mr. Heater Buddy said they don't exist and they do not make them and you cannot buy them where did you get that I guess you said Tractor Supply I don't know where that is but I will try

  2. FYI, "CO2" is carbon DIoxide. Carbon MONoxide is "CO". Check out "Throwback Chevy" at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiPugoGErNQ. The Cubic Mini wood stove looks VERY interesting to me. It would be duck soup to make a safe install. You could burn most anything from twigs to scrap lumber to sawdust logs you buy in a store. Michael Coughlin lives and works in Canada, so you might not need as much heat as this little baby would put out. Love your channel! All the best!

  3. My RV dealer told me that leaving the pump off and opening your faucets does not allow the water to drain back to the freshwater tank. The reason is that the pipes contain check valves to prevent that. So apparently you have merely been lucky to not have Frozen your pipes. The heater buddy has probably done a good job in that regard.

  4. I came across your video. Thanks for your tips. I had no idea they even made thermal curtains. That will be an investment in the very near future. I love my Buddy heater. I can turn that on and ten minutes later I will be in my underwear. If I had it to do over OR get an opportunity I will be going with a van. I’ll buy used of course, hopefully put a new motor and transmission then set up the inside and bye bye to pulling a camper

  5. I'm really not trying to be snarky but do people really need to be instructed in this? Covering all windows and openings? If a person lacks this reasoning skill then perhaps they should not be doing any sort of rving long term or short as this is an activity that requires a good bit of common Sense and smarts.

  6. The co-2 meters we used as a fire department on our ems bags apparently needed to be calibrated in a well ventilated area before being used. Also we were instructed to calibrate them every day. Perhaps that’s why yours went off when the heater was off. Also apparently with extreme temperatures the sensor in the unit will start to degrade and it won’t function as well. I couldn’t imagine running a propane heater in a confined area is good tho, especially when your sleeping. But you have to do what you have to do. Perhaps run it while your awake and then shut it off before bed. There’s a company called UCO I believe which make candles for camping and maybe one or two candles in a confined space like that would contribute to keeping it warm after the heater was off. I remember seeing a video on here of someone running a UCO candle in their lantern setup and they had a space blanket wrapped around them while holding the candle. They were outside and apparently the candle helped keep them warm. Also I’m sure you’ve seen it before but the spray foam would prob do wonders for that battery box.

  7. No offense but your RV looks like what I see on a hoarders program. How do you live in all that junk? No room to breathe, and every bit of space cluttered. I full-time in my 24 foot travel trailer and have wintered in Montana and stay plenty warm, my water system flows and my furnace keeps me toasty even in 20 below temps. I've heat taped my entire water system, put a tank blanket on my fresh water tank (runs on AC and DC) and also the same for the refrigerator. Two propane tanks last nearly three weeks, and when plugged in, two space heaters is more than enough.

  8. I use 3/4 inch foam with a (shiny plastic film on one side and clear plastic on the other) pre cut panels using felt zippers along the edges of the clear plastic side, so as to snap the panels to the walls and special pre cut panels for the windows, to include a panel to snap on to the door area when I get ready to sleep. I also cut these 3/4 inch panels to place on the floor (everywhere even in the bathroom and under the cabinets), then cover them with thin carpeting so I can walk barefooted without getting my feet cold. These 3/4 foam panels are so efficient that I can sleep with my face touching the these panels and they are do not let any cold air inside my 24 inch howler RV. I also have a Mini Cubic wood/pellet stove for heat. Even when it gets as low as – 20 degrees below zero outside, the temperature never falls below 68 degrees inside, even when the stove burns down to ashes at night. Love your helpful videos Carolyn, BJ from Sagle RV park, Idaho

  9. How do u pay for that lifestyle in my country you couldn't do it for long no money coming in sorry for been so nosey .and when your old who takes care of you that's all be afraid of great r.v

  10. I'm sorry but to much work .I would just spend five ten bucks and get window insulation film kit put it on the winter take it out in the summer. Barabing baraboom simpler than putting up blankets what year are we in?

  11. Why not use a little a little air compressor and inject the air right after the right after the pump or even yeah you can before the pump and that the bubbles will come up and push the water out

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