7 Replies to “Time Travel John Titor Part 5”

  1. I also think it is very telling that his prospective date of return is March 21st or 3/21 the day before 322. The number for the s&b order of death. This number is a very famous secret society number and if you remember correctly we invaded Iraq on this day if I am not mistaken. Just a bit interesting to hear how he hides some little hints of things throughout his postings.

  2. The President in 2005 tried desperately to hold the country together and tried to be the next Lincoln but the President on 2009 he or she was only interested in keeping their own power base in charge. Sound familiar? Just opposite…1st one sounds a lot like trump …especially considering the fact that he has expressed on multiple occasions the aspirations to be like President Lincoln …thought it was very telling that the next President he mentioned he said his or her. Also…just another bit of info was how he is making claims that the things that started the war were the very same things we are dealing with right now in this country. Very creepy

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