24 Replies to “Biosphere 2: A Faulty Mars Survival Test Gets a Second Act | Retro Report”

  1. I think the point of the experiment was to find the faults. The scientists knew it would fail, but would learn a lot from it to make the corrections needed to get it right for future ventures. Better to fail on Earth than on Mars.

  2. Its obviously a well made structure and the concrete problem out of so many things that could have gone wrong is small potatoes and remember this IS an experiment. Its suppose to have problems and the interaction of man and nature and also human interaction. They ended up a little thin and bit hostile after 2 years but tons of debrief with them would have gained much about close living. Now it is a research facility so its seems money well spent. Who will advance man and take the risks to work out the sciences of life and nature and the universe? Faith and promises? Hmm i will take science any day…

  3. The nature of science is that things might not go as expected on the first run, this was the first but it wasn't a failed experiment, a lot was learned from this experiment, for example that you need wind in these biospheres for many lifeforms to flourish. I don't get that people label this as failed or the hate its getting.

  4. If they did not do it and Elon Musk slapped his name on it; it would be the most hyped experiment in all of history today. We are more educated today and have less critical thinking. Hyperloop anyone?

  5. I can't believe people actually believe that planets and stars are anything more than lights in the sky…..they are scamming us and stealing over 52 million a day to give us baloney and cgi while our brothers and sisters are starving and homeless. shame on anyone who thinks this is a good thing. no measurable curvature on earth….means it's not a spinning ball! you have been duped.

  6. Interesting. …the kind of thing Buck Rogers would have done.
    The fact that a cut finger was what ended the experiment proves to me that without the reality of make or break, as it would be if they really were on Mars all of this was wishfull thinking. Without the reality of live or die trying it was just a fun Buck Rogers episode.
    Sorry commune dwellers, the truth can be a bitter pill.

  7. The mistake they made with Biosphere 2 was ideological, they wanted to prove a balanced ecosystem would be sufficient for life support rather than design for the possibility that the ecosystem would often be out of balance. They should've had redundant systems including mechanical chemical life support and allowed CO2 and water as external inputs as both CO2 and water could conceivably be obtained by a Mars colony. Ironically, it was the concrete chemically sequestering the CO2 that was the problem resulting in low oxygen production by the plants and this was misinterpreted as high CO2 levels even by this video, it was actually a depletion of CO2 that was the problem. The mechanical extraction, storage and release of CO2 and oxygen would've buffered the limited volume of atmosphere, really the diurnal variations in oxygen and CO2 levels were obvious due to the small volume and could've been addressed with mechanical means and or artificial lighting on algae bioreactors. The people should've worked and lived together for longer periods before being sealed, interpersonal conflicts was predictable and have been addressed before with submarines and research bases, they just had poor candidates, poor screening of the candidates and poor discipline.

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