22 Replies to “Leaving Sonoran Desert & Headed To Tucson”

  1. Hey kids! Loved that BIG FRONT SEAT ride. What is that Boeing 727 doing over there near the Casino. Is it just the tail of one or is there an airport there with the plane parked there as well? Maybe it's one made into a restaurant. OH MY GOD that Moo Moo is cute! What a love bug. Sorry about your Buffet. But tomorrow perhaps it was what you had to eat. J

  2. Nice flowers in the desert Brightens up the scenery I'm sure Moo Moo loved exploring the desert with you Hope you go into Tucson a bit That was nice of the security man to guide you to where you had to park Wherever you go everyone seems nice

  3. I lived in the same desert outside Tucson for several years of the 17 years I lived there. Where were you guys camped? The desert is like a carpet of flowers after rain and sun.

  4. Everytime I see one of your videos I wonder what your nationality is. You just said you’re part Hispanic and I’m gonna guess the “other part” of you is American Indian.
    You have a different look that I haven’t seen very often. You have such pretty dark eyes. I love your videos.

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