18 Replies to “Tentacles: How Do Squid And Octopus Communicate? | The Blue Realm | Wild Things Documentary”

  1. Communication and language is not the same thing. To say these creatures display actual language may very well be a jump. However in certain they have evolved to communicate relatively well.

  2. OKAY NOW. Black for attack and white for retreat COMON PEOPLE it is hunting and gathering tactics.

    Some animals live in groups and some live single solitary lives.

    The ones in big groups always have some form of communication.
    And mating q's there's visual language for that to.

    Even when birds fly in big flocks. Mmmmm

    How do they all turn at once. Hmmm they communicate. Wrap your head around that and crack that nut lolol.

  3. uh, what exactly do they die from? nutrition deficiency? maybe if they threw them a morsel they would live longer, you think? maybe it is cells that need to be replaced when they get depleted, like stem cells in humans, just saying. ****5****

  4. They probably lost their shell when their environment became less ferocious and voracious which would have allowed them time to better think and communicate just as what the extinction of dinosaurs has done for mammals.

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